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Monday, 28 February 2011

pinks and purples,tulips hyacinth,pink roses and black berries for bouquet and table vases

  • more pics of lovely ideas for spring weddings                                                             
white roses and pale blue roses with gorgeous purple hyacinth,makes gorgeous bouquet for brides and bridesmaids.....................................
                               glass vases covered in flower embroidery,very new and striking.

further wedding bouquets

white roses with anenomies surrounded by collar of ribbon and beads

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Wedding Fair

Here are some of the bouquets I made up for a recent wedding fair.

More pics to follow

Monday, 7 February 2011

February Update

At last have managed the technology.well almost...I will not admit to how long its taken I wont!
have as I said eventually posted some pics.....successat long last!

hopefully shall be getting some professional pics of the December wedding ,which includes the white bridal posy,and 6   yes  6  bridesmaids holding lovely dark purple tulips ..pic on my facebook page....
for the reception gorgeous vases filled with pinks and purples so pics coming soon.

the spring theme has started and at last new spring flowers which hopefully will help cheer us up as have had enough of the ice and very very cold weather.

beautiful anemonies.iris in season now so puts me in the mood for all those spring weddings around the corner.

I have to complete some planning for a number of weddings and so its lovely to look forward to warmer weather.

Valentines is around the corner,so preparing for all that............lovely pinks and liliacs,you dont just have to consider red red red!!!!

have wedding fair coming up on 20th february.....more to do for that...busy busy

will let you know plans and colours that I will be showing ...

must stop,weddings to sort out...

vases for spring,containingpinks ,blues hyacinth,whitefrilly tulips and brassica to name just a few elements, all to cheer you up in this cold weather...Spring is on the way.although today woke up to cold and sleet and snow...melting thank goodness

Bridal bouquet of white roses...........for December wedding........more pics to follow soon.........lovely perfect roses.....!